Zombie Serial Killer Incident Coming April 19th

Meet your Damsel.

She lived a happy and peaceful life in her small town. Until what was a seemingly insignificant occurrence threw the whole place into chaos.

Her small town transformed into a world of terror, crawling with zombies.
The zombie hordes appearing everywhere are being systematically decimated before the young girl’s very eyes.

Just what is going on…?!

An unprecedented tale of click-based action and suspense is about to begin.

Zombie Serial Killer Incident is a simple yet different type of zombie game. Use your mouse and shoot the zombies to protect your Damsel.

She’s in distress after all.

Shooting a zombie can cause them to explode. Shoot wisely and the explosions could take out more zombies, building up an exciting chain reaction.

There are a variety of zombies to take out, so I hope you are ready to take up the role of hero.

Zombie Serial Killer Incident is coming to Playism and Steam April 19th!


Zombie Serial Killer Incident

Playism / Steam

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