Yumenikki Followers Sale!


The Yumenikki Followers Sale starts today on Steam!

Yumenikki was originally released by kikiyama in 2004.
Ten “Follower Titles” from PLAYISM are part of the sale.
Here are a few of the titles available now:


The Strange Man Series

Four super creepy horror games, featuring multiple endings.
We recommend starting with The Crooked Man!

Just a few days ago, we released an update adding Chinese (Trad./Simp.) and Korean language support to The Crooked Man and The Sand Man.

Localizations of The Boogie Man and The Hanged Man are currently in progress!


Mad Father

Boasting an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating with over 1500 reviews!
Take on the role of Aya as she uncovers the secrets behind her father’s horrible experiments.

We’re currently preparing a large-scale update.

Check here for the full list of titles in the Yumenikki Followers Sale!

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