Yukie: Character and Sword Arts Introduction

Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale is coming soon to Playism and Steam.

Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale plays out in as a vengeful winter tale. Bringing together family ties and revenge, this winter-world will bring you to the edge of good, evil and all in between.

Follow the tale of a young man, Yukiji, who is the final avenger of this world. He seeks vengeance on the demon Yukie, who has subjected the world to an Eternal Winter.

Proceed in a movie-like fashion as the journey to the snowy mountains to slay Yukie takes many twists and turns. As the story blurs between vengeance and seduction, Yukiji’s purpose and desires are called into question as he wields his sword.


Meet the Characters in Yukie


The last descendant of the family that fell in love with Yukie, and the hero of our tale.
He sets out into the snowy landscape seeking out his ancestors swords to gain their powers. His goal is vengeance against Yukie, the beautiful being that has cursed the world to an eternal winter. Will he be able to fulfil his task?


The beautiful snow maiden who thrives in an Eternal Winter.
Driven mad by the disappearance of the first man she loved, Yukie continues to enthral men in her lineage. Will she seduce Yukiji too, or will he resist her charms?


The father who constantly ran from his destined fight.
A strong father figure to Yukiji, enough to spark revenge, but was there more to his life than Yukiji knew of?

Village Chief

The leader of a village cursed by the Eternal Winter.
The one that sent Yukiji out on his mission to kill Yukie and to end the Eternal Winter.


The Sword Arts:

When Yukiji draws each sword, he will inherit its spirit, and the sword arts of his ancestors.
The Sword Arts he learns leads him closer to Yukie and his vengeance.

Yukiji’s sword art.
This art relies upon a perfectly cleared mind to strike down any enemy that draws near. It is thought capable of slaying even the monstrous ‘Yukie’.


A sword art used by Tetsuji, Yukiji’s father.
Allows nimble movement, even on soft snow. Increases chance of escape and movement speed.


Sword art of Ryuuji, the Fourth.
His dancing blade can cut up to three enemies at once.


A sword art used by Eiji, the Third.
Deflects enemy attacks.  


The secret art of Zenji, the Second.
Its divine fury will banish any foe in one strike. However, should it fail, the user will be open to triple damage. 


A sword art used by Yumeji, the First.
Absorbs an enemy’s life force, increasing the user’s maximum life.



Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale is coming soon to Playism and Steam.

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