Your Garden Grows With A Puff Of Steam!

It’s time to bring Irene’s Parlor to Steam!
If you browse around the Valve storefront long enough, you’ll discover pages and listings for games that haven’t yet hit Steam. Sometimes it’s for a game arriving tomorrow, sometimes for one that’ll arrive “someday.” But having the page means that it’s coming, and the foot in the door gives people a chance to get hyped and anticipate a coming game more than your average blog or tweet could.
Eagle-eyed players have noticed that, earlier this week, we went ahead and put up the page for Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden with a countdown timer and a beautiful trailer/banner combination. The response for this beautiful, unique story has been satisfyingly positive, and we’re thrilled that we’re ready to bring CAVYHOUSE’s story to the largest PC microcosm on the planet. For people who cannot get the game directly from Playism or were just waiting to have the tale of Organa and Irene be available with all of Steam’s great features, now is the time!
Besides being able to conveniently keep your save game up in the Steam Cloud, we’ve pumped up Forget Me Not with both achievements AND trading cards! 44 achievements await the patient and thorough, which, for the most part, coincide with the achievements that already exist within the game. And the trading cards are absolutely gorgeous, resulting in a really spiffy set of badges, backgrounds and emoticons to use in Steam Chat. Have you always wanted to send a colon to someone you’re talking to? Now you finally can!
If you’ve already bought Forget Me Not from Playism, never fear: your Steam keys will be appearing in your account in just a few hours when the game goes live. This is, of course, in conjunction with the DRM-free copy you’ve been enjoying for weeks already. And if you hurry, the game is still on sale on Playism for another couple days! $7.99 will get you the Steam key, as promised.
Enjoy the future of organ harvesting, and let us know what you think about Forget Me Not!

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