Who – Or What – Is D?

Everyone’s basking in the glow of D4 freshly installed on their computers, but I think it’s time that we took a break from playing to look at the madness around our main character, David Young. For those who don’t know, David is an ex Bostonian cop who’s on a hunt for his wife’s killer. Unfortunately, David has two strikes against him in this department. For one, he took a bullet to the head (don’t worry, he’s fine). This does make it so his memory and thinking aren’t as clear as he’d like them to be, but at least now he can Dive into the past and take another look at times gone by. The second problem is David only has one clear thought in regards to his wife’s murderer, and it’s her final words: “Look for D.”



Who is D? What is D? It could be a person, a place or even a food (and there is a LOT of food in D4). With all the things D *could* be, I thought I’d take a little off your plate and tell you all the things that D definitely is NOT.



1. Dracula.
I have asked several people about this at length, and can confirm that the Lord of the Night is busy in other realms, though, sadly, not in other games. Also, David survives on tequila, not blood, so there’s no chance he became a vampire as well.


2. DriveShaft.
The band is simply not getting back together, as Dominic Monaghan (another D-bust) is busy playing Witcher 3 and cannot be bothered to insert a fresh recording of “You All Everybody” into the soundtrack.


3. Dakota.
The North and South states refuse to join together into a singular unit: even Little Peggy knew that with her last breath. So stay out of the Midwest, David, there’s nothing for you there.



4. David Lynch.
Though his influence can be felt in many aspects of D4 (and also Swery’s last D-mystery, Deadly Premonition), he has gone to different walks of life currently, raising awareness about his absense from the new Twin Peaks. Also, I don’t think he’s the murdering type, but I could be wrong.


5. Dunkin Donuts.
Yes, David’s from Boston. Yes, they’re an amazing donut (much better than Krispy Kreme). But is it really someone’s dying wish? “Look for Dunkin Donuts, I want an Oreo Iced Coffee before I bleed out.” I don’t think it’s plausible.



6. Doctor Who.
Little Peggy didn’t need to tell David to “Look for Doctor Who.” David is the one who told her about the show in the first place. C’mon Little Peggy, don’t be that person who thinks they were the fan first.


The list goes on and on! Which “D” are you certain is not D?


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