What Is EF-12?

The title to today’s blog post is probably inscrutable to the average reader. What is EF-12? An experimental aircraft? A brand of detergent? A secret government black project?

Some of our more hardcore fans might have seen EF-12 listed on Playism JP, but beyond screen shots hinting at it being a 3D fighting game in the vein of Namco’s Tekken, EF-12 probably still remains a mystery. What separates EF-12 from other fighting games, is its extreme modability.


In fact, creator Quad Arrow fully believes that EF-12’s main attraction is the ability to create  and modify every element of the game, from the GUI to individual characters’ move sets. While EF-12 offers players a working game with a number of sample characters that can be played “out-of-the-box”, the game’s power really comes out when players begin to tinker.

EF-12 comes with an extensive creators’ manual, designed to empower animators, modelers and sound designers with the knowledge to take full advantage of what EF-12 has available.


In Japan, a number of hobbyist designers have already created a number of characters to show off the versatility of the EF-12 engine, and we’re hoping that when the game releases in the West, we can foster and build a community of talented gamers looking to show the world what they’re capable of.

Are you a fan of modding games and tailoring gameplay to your whims? Then stay tuned for EF-12, coming to Playism EN soon!

Curious to learn more? Check out the JP trailer below:

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