We’re Working On It. We Promise!

As some eagle-eyed La-Mulana fans posted on the official Steam community hub, there are some discrepancies on the La-Mulana store page.

For one, until yesterday, the store page didn’t list achievements at all, but that should be fixed now. We do know that there are still issues on the store page. For instance, the Steam store page still doesn’t list controller support, cloud support, big picture support, or Russian and Spanish language support.

We do want to let all our fans know that we haven’t removed any Steam functionality from La-Mulana, and we are working with Valve to rectify these discrepancies. Unfortunately, with both PAX last week and GDC this week, we’ve all been very busy. Give us a little time, and we’ll have it rectified as soon as possible.

Rest assured, we hear you, and we are working on it!

Speaking of La-Mulana, if you’re at GDC this week, be sure to check out Takumi Naramura’s session on Thursday afternoon at 11:30 am, entitled Commun-indies. It’s bound to be a real eye opener!

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