Unearthing Lost Technology

Several months ago, we at PLAYISM sparked discussion about bringing the Japanese indie treasure, Lost Technology, to our English-reading fans. As we continue to make progress, we thought we’d break the silence with an exclusive and fascinating interview with the game’s creator, CB-SXF6. Also, we’ve peppered in some of the game’s incredible artwork. Enjoy!

Lost Technology

1. Could I ask you to introduce yourself?

I am CB-SXF6, creator of modest, free games.

I’m a man of 35 years and I live in Japan. I run my own business and work on game production in my spare time.When I’m stuck making games, I focus on work; when I’m frustrated with work I focus on making games! I’ve decided that I must be a unique example of someone with this kind of set-up.

2. What does Lost Technology have to show?

The game refers to a wide range of themes based on the technology of this world – including weapons, dogma, tools, theories, manufacturing, language, art, knowledge, study, law – all of which have developed over a long history.

However, currently much of this is lost due to an unending conflict.

“Lost Technology” is technology that definitely existed at one point, but has now become lost.

Lost Technology

2a. What kind of experiences or influences led to your decision to work on Lost Technology?

When I was young I yearned to be involved with the world of creativity and games.

In the past I worked on making free games, and I had also had an animation related job at one point.

Becoming self-employed gave me more freedom from set working hours, and with these hours to spend at my will, I decided to take a 1 million yen budget to make a game exactly as I envisioned it.

That game, is “Lost Technology”.

Lost Technology dina

3. In terms of genre, what kind of a game is Lost Technology?

It’s a Simulated Life Game with Real Time Strategy. You form your strategies during your turn, attack other regions (and of course are attacked in return), but war is conducted in real time.

4. When you’re playing Lost Technology, how much time do you spend on a single turn? And how much time do you spend on the entire campaign?

About 5 minutes for a single turn. To complete a scenario it could take between 4 and 7 hours.

Lost Technology

5. Who did you make Lost Technology for?

Rather than making the game for a specific audience, I really made it because I wanted to. Since starting the project, I have been hoping that it would at least serve the other staff members working on it. So with the game getting translated for players abroad, I feel their efforts are being rewarded.

6. Which scenario is your favorite?

I like all the scenarios, but if I had to choose I’d say Macaan.

6a. Which character do you like the most?

It would have to be “Hissssa” from Macaan.

Lost Technology Hissssa

There’s no need to be overly ambitious. Please sit back and enjoy the game.

I like to play free downloadable indie games. However, playing games led to making games being my hobby, so I don’t play as much as I used to.

We’d like to thank CB-SXF6 for his time and words and can’t wait to bring more news on the Lost Technology front! Stay tuned!



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