Touhou Luna Nights Update on 2/26 & Announcing the Fan Art Contest

The wait is almost over!

The update for Touhou Luna Nights including Stages 4 and 5 is set for release on Tuesday, February 26th.


What is Touhou Luna Nights?

Touhou Luna Nights is a Japanese 2D action-exploration (Metroidvania) game boasting 98% positive reviews on Steam. The main character is Sakuya Izayoi, brought over from the popular Touhou Project series. Featuring Sakuya’s power of controlling time and hardcore knife battles beautifully rendered in sprite animation, the Touhou Project’s “grazing” system adds extra fun to the action, allowing you to recover HP and MP by closing in on enemies and further spicing up the fight.

This latest updated including Stages 4 & 5 introduces new features such as “Screw Knife” and “Shield Dagger”, as well as an extension of Sakuya’s time-control abilities – “Yellow Aura”, a gimmick allowing her to play out events in reverse while time is stopped – adding even more fun and action to battle and exploration alike.

In this update, “Remilia”, the mistress who sent Sakuya to this strange world, appears as a boss character.

With the appearance of Remilia, Sakuya’s adventure was supposed to come to an end, but Remilia’s younger sister “Fran” also makes an appearance as a boss herself.


The addition of Stages 4 & 5 brings this series to a close, and Early Access will now be ending as well. In accordance with the end of Early Access, the price will be changing from the original discounted price of $11.99 to $17.99.

Additionally, updates will continue to roll out after the closing of Early Access, and future updates are set to include the much-requested “Boss Rush Mode”, extra stages, and more.

To commemorate the Ver.1.0 release, we will also be holding a special fan art contest.



Sakuya Izayoi Fan Art Contest

Celebrate the addition of Stages 4 & 5 and the end of Early Access for Touhou Luna Nights!
Announcing the Sakuya Izayoi fan art contest!

Contest period: 
2/20 (Wed.) ~ 3/12 (Tue.)

As long as it features Touhou Luna Nights‘ main character “Sakuya Izayoi”, anything goes! Submit as many different pieces as you like!

How to enter:

  1. Follow PLAYISM on Twitter (at either @playismEN or @playismJP) or follow our WEIBO PLAYISM Account
  2. Tag your post with “#TLN_FAC” to submit

3 winners will receive a copy of Touhou Luna Nights, Angels of Death and Noel the Mortal Fate!
Also, the best piece of fan art will be used for an official limited time-only banner.

Team LadyBug/Vaka/PLAYISM


  • Pieces submitted to the contest may be introduced in PLAYISM articles, etc.
  • As long as it is your own original work, art made in the past is OK for submission.



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