Touhou Luna Nights Upcoming Update!

We are excited to announce that Touhou Luna Nights will be going through a major update at the end of February.

This huge update will see the addition of Stages 4 & 5 as well as adding French to the game!
We hope that you’re patiently waiting for the new stage’s boss fights!


Also, with this update, we will be ending Early Access.
Once we have left Early Access, the game will be increasing in price to $17.99! If you are wondering whether to grab the game, we recommend grabbing it now during the Steam Lunar New Year Sale!

After we have finished Early Access, we have a few more updates planned. For this, we are looking to add an extra stage and a boss rush.
In the extra stage, a certain person is finally going to appear…!

We hope that you are looking forward to this update.


3 thoughts on “Touhou Luna Nights Upcoming Update!

  1. Some error occurs when trying to lunching the game on Virtual Machine Win7 on MAC:
    Win32 function failed:HRESULT:0x887a0020
    Call:GR_D3D_Device->Create Texture2D at line 423 in file \TexturesM.cpp

    -Google it, find one possible answer: running out of Video memory
    -Reset the VRAM size to 2G (originally 512m), no error massage box, but texture error.
    -Have no idea what to do next.

    1. Hi, I’m afraid that since you are using a virtual machine, we won’t be able to help much. We would only be able to support the non-virtual Windows version. Virtual machines have too many variables which we won’t be able to fully support.
      I’m sorry.

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