Touhou Luna Nights – One Week Till Final Update!

We’re down to just one week till the final update for Touhou Luna Nights, and we are super excited!
Today we’ll offer a sneak peak at some of the latest update contents!

New stuff

New weapon: Bound Knife

New gimmick: “Yin-yang Orb”

The previously announced Boss Rush and Achievements will also be included.



This update also features Reimu making an appearance as an extra stage boss!
Even seasoned players are going to have a hard time taking her down in one try, so prepare yourself!


Take screenshots with the F12 key

The long-awaited, much-requested screenshot feature will be included with the update.


Large improvements in operational speed

We’ve received complaints from several users that the game wasn’t working in 60fps, so with this update comes some huge improvements in operational speed.

If game speed drops below 60fps, please try changing the refresh rate to 60 in Windows display settings.
*With some monitors such as certain 4K displays, you may be unable to set the refresh rate at 60. In this case, you may need to reduce resolution to 1920*1080.

If you are still unable to fix the problem, please contact us via the bug report thread on Steam.

That’s all for now, and be sure to check out the update when it drops next week!



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