Touhou Finally Coming To The West

EDIT: It’s here! Double Dealing Character has officially dropped on Playism! We also have the fan-created Touhou game, Takkoman!

Hey everyone!


It’s been a long time coming, and while a lot of Playism fans have guessed it was inevitable, everyone likes an official announcement: Touhou is officially coming to Playism EN (and sooner than you think)!


That’s right! With the upcoming release of Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character, we’re kicking open the floodgates and introducing Touhou to the English speaking world. This will mark the very first official release of a Touhou title in English speaking territories.


The Touhou Project, now helmed solely by creator Zun, was first started in 1995 with its first release: Highly Responsive to Prayers. After a three year absence following the release of the 5th Touhou title, Zun finally returned to Touhou, formed Team Shanghai Alice, and continued to work on the series independently.


Since then, the Touhou series has become a cult favorite among gamers around the world, has had countless games using the series’ characters, and become a veritable phenomenon in the doujin gaming scene.


We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Team Shanghai Alice to bring Touhou to western shores, and we at Playism hope you’re as excited as we are to see Touhou finally see the light of day in the West!


Dying for a release date? We’ll be releasing more info about Touhou’s big debut soon! Keep your eyes peeled to the Playism blog, our Twitter and Facebook for upcoming info!

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