Tokyo Game Show 2017 Done and Dusted!

Tokyo Game Show has ended safely, and the Playism team is finally back in the office!


Each year we are overjoyed to meet so many of our Japanese fans. Tokyo Game Show is like a yearly meet up for us where we get to see everyone again after a long time.


This year we had so many titles on the show floor! VA-11 Hall-A (coming soon to Vita in Japan), Break Arts II (Wishlist now on Steam), 2064: Read Only Memories (Visit the Website), Detention (Coming soon in Japanese), Strange Telephone (Wishlist now on Steam), Ace of Seafood (Coming soon to PS4), Medusa and Man (Visit the Website) and Hacknet (Buy now on Playism); Learn more about them here.



Tokyo Game Show is one of Japan’s biggest Game events held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba every year in September. Playism headed out to Tokyo Game Show again this year for 4 busy and exciting days!


This year, our booths were a bit scattered, with VA-11 Hall-A being based in the Main Hall in the Konami booth, but still many Playism fans came and said hello anyway. Thank you everyone!


Set up was reasonably quick, even though we got pulled into a mini emergency and helped sort out Hacknet at the last minute!



VA-11 Hall-A

With a booth based inside the Konami booth this year, we weren’t too sure what to expect, but we weren’t let down as people came and fan lined up to play the game. We deigned the booth like a mini bar, and had 2 cosplayers for the booth dressed as bartenders to add to the effect of the game.

Fans loved the demo and would sit and mix drinks forever if we left them to, but sadly we had to keep the line moving.

Preorders of VA-11 Hall-A’s Japanese Vita version is already up! You can find them here. (Please note there is no English in this version.)


Break Arts II

The response we get for Break Arts II just doesn’t stop surprising us. After an incredibly successful showing at PAX West, Break Arts II was just as, if not more, popular at Tokyo Game Show. People flocked to check it out, chat to the developer and see how the customization worked.


We also attracted a lot of media attention, so keep your eyes out for some great articles coming!


2064: Read Only Memories

With our second time taking ROM to Tokyo Game Show, we were super excited to see fans coming back and letting us know how much they are anticipating the Japanese release!

Not only did we have a large number of Japanese fans coming  to the booth, but we also had fans from all around the world visit us too. It’s amazing to see how a game could reach out to such an international audience and touch everyone’s hearts. If anything, the event has really fired us up for the release of the game!



The Detention booth was an absolute pleasure to have at Tokyo Game Show! Although a lot of people weren’t too sure if they wanted to try out a horror game on the show floor, it was still great to see people enthusiastic about its Japanese release coming soon.

We held a competition on the booth, giving players a chance to win a copy of the game, and people were over the moon to try it out and fold paper airplanes!


Strange Telephone

We only just released the coming soon page for this, but people already knew the game from its mobile release. Strange Telephone’s popularity hasn’t died down as people gathered around to check out the mysterious game.

After winning an award, and being nominated for a Famitsu Indie Prize award, people really took an interest in the booth, eager to see what lay beyond the digits on the phone.


Ace of Seafood

Ace of Seafood grabs peoples attention and doesn’t let it go. We saw this again at Tokyo Game Show as people were eager to get a look at the bizarre conquer the ocean as a fish game. With it heading to PlayStation 4 soon, people are even more excited to become a fish themselves, and lead squads to conquer the sea!


Medusa and Man

A brand new VR game focusing on the co-op play of medusa and a man, each with their own abilities and fighing styles, the two much battle monsters in a desert-like arena without looking at each other.

With great controls, a fantastic concept and an indie game hitting VR, people were lining up to check out this VR game in the indie area!



There’s a love for hacking games, and the players that made their way over to the game found themselves in a bit deeper than they were expecting.

Hacknet caught the attention of PC lovers and devs alike as the game showed off the fantastic shenanigans you can get up to in the world of hacking (in-game of course, not real life!).




As well as managing our own booths, we also wandered around and checked out some of the amazing games that were out on the show floor this year.


Here are the Playism team picks:


Tokyo Dark









Last Standard




Thank you everyone for an amazing Tokyo Game Show, and we hope to see you all next year!

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