The Steam Summer Sale Is On!

Summer is an amazing season. There’s immense heat, intense bugs and no matter where you go the scent of sunblock hangs heavy in the air. And everything that is associated with summer tends to be not as great as people claim. Beach? Salt spray and angry seagulls. Theme parks? Three hour waits and ten dollar hot dogs. Movie theater? Fifteen dollars to watch a movie that’ll be on Netflix before September. Pretty much everything that could be great about summer is ruined by summer itself.


So what could make it amazing? Why the Steam Summer Sale of course! For all the patient and frugal gamers, the Steam Summer Sale marks the point where you can finally let your wallet breathe easy, but in a “way-too-much-breathing” kind of way. The phrase “There’s no way I can pass that up,” is a mantra that ends when you are bankrupt but at least have a good library. It’s a chance to grab all those games you’ve had your eye on for months (or even years) but couldn’t justify the price point. And Playism is part of all the fire-sale fun! Some of the highlights:


One Way Heroics is down to a paltry 87 cents! That’s less than the questionable cheeseburger I got for breakfast from the gas station! And probably will kill me slower!


La-Mulana is down 67% to $4.94. This cult-classic is tough as nails and deeply unforgiving, but also a ton of fun and one of the best Metrovania games out there. Get on it before the sequel drops in just a few short months!


Astebreed is down 70% to $4.49. We’ve already mentioned that there is a PS4 version dropping at the end of this week, but why not have both? Plus, this is a great chance to get good at the cinematic shooter before it hits the PSN, so that way you can impress your friends and defy your enemies. Also, hey, trading cards!


There’s something for everyone, so don’t be shy to go treat yourself to a game or three. Check out all the great titles that Playism has up on Steam and remember: the outdoors is hot and cruel, and your computer (and Playism) loves you. Stay inside and play on!


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