The Stars Are Aligning…



How often do we look to the night sky for a sense of wonder and awe? Though we are but small travelers on an insignificant speck in the cosmos, we are held, nightly, in rapture of all that surrounds us, beyond our reach, even beyond our sense of understanding. From constellations we create in the mind’s eye of Man to fantastic displays of power and science we couldn’t possibly fathom alone, space finds ways to captivate us nightly. This month is the annual Leonids Meteor Shower, where the world can observe a terrifying and breathtaking show of celestial magic. Thousands of shooting stars will rocket amid Leo, again reminding us that we are so close and yet so far from the majesty that our ancestors feared and worshiped like Gods.
So…why not have a great sale on video games?
To celebrate another year of not being crushed by an errant space rock, PLAYISM is throwing a week long sale of games that remind us of the expansive universe around us. From now until next Monday, eleven titles will be on sale, most with DRM-free copies AND Steam keys in one purchase! From shooters to exploration games and even some puzzlers, there’s something for everyone, and the time to get them is…maybe not now?
I say this because the site will, for the first time, be exercising FLASH SALES! For 24 hours only, select games from the sale will achieve an even deeper discount. If you see something you really want, I urge you to exercise a bit of restraint and WAIT. There’s a small chance you may see it for cheaper later on this week! However, this isn’t like a Steam sale: when the flash sales are over, don’t count on an encore to bring the price back down.
So take some time to appreciate the meteor shower this week (November 17th is the best night!) and marvel at the points of light that have traveled thousands of years to dance before your eyes. Then go back inside and play a bunch of splodey games. Yay!
Flash Sale List:

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