The Silver Case PS4 Announced

The Silver Case has officially announced the PS4 version which will be available in North America and Europe both as a digital and physical release.

The Silver Case HD Remaster, which was recently released on PC, was originally released 17 years ago on PlayStation. The title was Grasshopper Manufature’s debut title, and set the stage for their following titles, including Killer7 and No More Heroes. However, The Silver Case was only released in Japanese, and never saw an English release until this year.

Now, The Silver Case is heading to PS4 early next year!

As a mix between a visual novel and an adventure game, The Silver Case follows the mystery of a serial murderer who no one is fully sure what he is capable of. Kamui Uehara is seen as a legend who killed over 20 people before the game’s events. In The Silver Case, you play as a member of the Special Forces Unit known as “Republic”, where you are on the tail of this serial killer.

The Ps4 Remaster Of The Silver Case Coming West In Early 2017.

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