The Silver Case – Fully Remastered And Localized In English Is Coming!

Active Gaming Media, Playism and Grasshopper Manufacture are super excited to announce that The Silver Case is coming to PC. Not only will it be getting a full HD Remaster, but also it will be released in English for the first time.


Now the big question that had been lingering on people’s minds must be “why now?”. The Silver Case is the first installment of SUDA51’s Kill the Past series. Unlike the well-loved sequels, Flower, Sun and Rain and Killer7, The Silver Case was never localized in English. While SUDA51 desired for it to be released for Western fans, localization presented many challenges. The Silver Case contains a massive volume of text, highly nuanced dialogue and very difficult technical vocabulary and context-reliant story-telling.

But this didn’t mean the end of the dream.

Active Gaming Media/Playism have worked on a large number of different localizations, porting and more specially tailored for Western audience. With this, Grasshopper and SUDA51 decided that it was time to give the dream one more chance.


I am happy to announce that the long-awaited Silver Case HD remastered version will finally be available as promised.
This title was originally released in 1999, but was never released outside of Japan until today.
The English version will also be available, another promise made to you and will be on Steam, Playism, and
other platforms.
Silver Case is returning in Fall 2016.
In the year 2016, please give support for LET IT DIE and Silver Case.


What Is The Silver Case?

1999: Japan, the “24 wards”.
A string of serial murders is terrorizing the nation. All clues that the detectives have uncovered so far, point to one well known perpetrator, Kamui Uehara, the deranged criminal at the center of the infamous “The Silver Case” murders many years prior. But Kamui Uehara is no longer around…
With the string of mysteries, pointing to an impossible suspect, just what is really going on? 

Combining elements of adventure games and visual novels to create a new and unique experience, The Silver Case invites the player to solve puzzles and experience the story in first-person perspective as a member of the Public Safety Department’s “Republic” Special Forces unit.


Key Features:

  • Unconventional and unexpected storylines
  • Characters with vivid personalities
  • Two scenarios:
    Transmitter: the detectives hunt down the truth
    Placebo: a freelance writer explores the story
  • Complete graphic enhancement
  • The unique Film Window System
  • In English for the first time ever


The planned release is scheduled for Autumn 2016.


Make sure to check the teaser site!


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