The Silver Case DevLog 6 – Last


We’re very happy now that The Silver Case is available to you, the fans!

I hope you will find it a unique and satisfying experience!

Making a game is a difficult and complex process, and I want to take this devlog as a chance to say thank you to everyone involved along the way.

The development team, especially the lead programmer Yuki Yamazaki and lead 3D designer Shunsuke Takahashi, that has worked on the Silver Case HD remaster deserves more credit than I do for all of their hard work and effort in ensuring that you guys get a great game experience!

Modern games are made of complex interactions between a variety of moving parts, from code functions and scripts, to sound effects and music, as well as input from the players.

It has been said in many places that games don’t really come together until right before the end, but what that means is that all the moving parts get the most polish right at the end.

This is a difficult and, quite often, stressful process to make sure that both technical and creative requirements are met while a deadline looms ever closer.

The team that made The Silver Case HD remaster have been champions, working hard every day to give the game the best polish they could.

I’d also like to thank the PR team for their hard work as well; without them, you guys might not have heard about the project in the first place!

So please keep up the pace, and maybe send a few more tweets, guys, please? Give the PR team a little breathing room!

And finally, let me give my thanks to SUDA51 and his team at Grasshopper Manufacture. They have stood behind us every step of the way to help us to ensure that what we were making was a Grasshopper Manufacture experience in every way. It has been a great learning experience, so thank you very much!

We are now, of course, working on the OS X version that has been promised, and will be released in just a few weeks from now. We look forward to supporting everyone to the best of our ability.

Douglas Watt & The Silver Case Team


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