The Scissorwalker from NightCry gets a Figurine!

“Scissorwalker”: the terrifying and immortal monster who has caused nightmares, both figuratively and literally, for players throughout the world since the release of the PC game NightCry―the spiritual successor to the seminal Clock Tower horror game series―in March of 2016. This elusive demon is set to be made available in 1/6 scale figurine form.


The figurine will be manufactured by Gecco Corp., veteran makers of figurines based on a wide variety of games, including the Silent Hill series and many more. Producing the figurine will be Masahiro Ito―creator of Scissorwalker and art director of the Silent Hill series, and Hifumi Kono―director of NightCry as well as Steel Battalion and the Clock Tower series.


Catch a sneak peek at the special exhibition currently in progress at Comic-Con in San Diego, California!

A full-color preview sample of the figurine is currently on display at the Gecco Corp. booth (#4931) at Comic-Con 2017, being held from July 20th–23rd in San Diego, California.

Pricing and release date of the figurine are currently TBD, so please stay tuned for more information.


NightCry Official Website
NightCry Playism Store Page
NightCry Steam Store Page


“Scissorwalker” Figurine

■Manufacturer: Gecco Corp.
■Producers: Hifumi Kono, Masahiro Ito
■Price: TBD
■Availability date: TBD



■Developer: Nude Maker Co., Ltd.
■Distributor: PLAYISM
■Compatible OS: Windows/PS Vita
■Genre: Horror-adventure
■Distribution date: PC version now available; PS Vita version currently in development


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