The Return Of Cosmic Cavern 3671

From the creator of the exciting large shooting game “Super Chain Crusher Horizon”, Mindware is bringing back a classic game that triggered a new genre, Cosmic Cavern 3671!


After its original release in the 1980’s, Cosmic Cavern is easily referred to as the world’s first sandbox game. Now, Mindware is working to dramatically enhance the game, with some legendary creators, in order to bring a new Cosmic Cavern 3671 to fans around the world. This exciting game will be published on Steam and Playism now that is has cleared Steam Greenlight.


Today we would like to introduce this original and unique game to you.


Underworld Survival Sandbox Game, Cosmic Cavern 3671

Takaya Arita, currently a professor at Nagoya University, originally published Cosmic Cavern in July 1980, two years before Dig Dug. This makes it the first-ever sandbox type game. Now, after 36 years, with some great upgrades and dramatically powering up the game, “Cosmic Cavern 3671” has been created.

Legendary Creators Join In

Koji “Mr. Dotman” Ono, the artist behind Namco classics such as Dig Dug, Xevious and Mappy, and Yuzo Koshiro, composer of Streets of Rage, The Revenge of Shinobi, and Shenmue, are joining in with this project to bring fantastic designs mixed with a new arrangement for the game in true 1980s arcade style.

Releasing Three Versions

Not only will the original version of the game be available, but two other arranged versions will also be included.

These new arranged versions modify the frustrating parts of the original and add in some modern gameplay elements. This allows the player to experience a more fun and easier gameplay. As well as including some enhanced features such as two-player co-op mode, pets, arrangements etc which deepens the game further.

Now that Cosmic Cavern 3671 has passed Steam Greenlight, it will be released on Steam and Playism!


Product Information

Title: Cosmic Cavern 3671
Supported OS: Windows 7 or higher
Genre: Underworld Survival Sandbox
Release Date: June 2016
Price: $4.98

Cosmic Cavern on Playism

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