The relationship between VA-11 Hall-A and 2064: Read Only Memories

Playism recently released VA-11 Hall-A on PSVita in Japan, and this week, 2064: Read Only Memories will be out in Japan too!

Those who have played both games may have noticed a few resemblances between the two games, and we are excited to share the overlapping worlds of the two today.

The first thing that we often have to point out is that VA-11 Hall-A and 2064: Read Only Memories are by two different developers, Sukeban Games and MidBoss respectively. However, the two share the same world, set in the future.

Both games, exists in a future where humans not only have advanced technology to the point of “hybrids” (human-robots or human-animals) becoming an everyday existence, but also brings about the futuristic culture and social issues with it.


Augmented Eye

Acting as a window to the current events of the world and the setting which the characters all live in, the Augmented Eye is a popular news and information site which appears in both games. Check out the information that they both share in the games!


Turing! And other Items

Turing appears as an item that can be bought in the shop of VA-11 Hall-A. As well as this, a few other items are shared between the two games. Discussion about the NSFW League, the popular drink Hassy and the appearance of VA-11 Hall-A’s drinks at 2064: Read Only Memories’ Stardust are just some of the overlapping elements.


Meeting 2064: Read Only Memories Characters in VA-11 Hall-A

The characters of the two games tend to overlap too. One hidden element of VA-11 Hall-A is that certain members from 2064: Read Only Memories could appear as a customer if a specific drink is mixed at the right time. This drink isn’t listed in the CALICOMP, and no one ever specifically asks for it. However, the recipe is revealed in 2064: Read Only Memories when Dana Zane makes a cameo appearance.


How do I make a “Flaming Moai”?

Dana Zane can be found in 2064: Read Only Memories near the Hassy Bar, she often stares at the wrestlers. Within the game, she mentions a recipe for a drink, claiming that nothing beats it.

Mix this drink in VA-11 Hall-A at the right time and you may get some special guests.

1 Adelhyde
1 Bronson Extract
2 Powdered Delta
3 Flanergide
5 Karmotrine

All mixed.

It’s a sour, classic and classy drink, so consider this when customers ask for those elements in their drinks.


Check out both VA-11 Hall-A and 2064: Read Only Memories!
Can you find all the crossovers?

1 thought on “The relationship between VA-11 Hall-A and 2064: Read Only Memories

  1. As someone who was disappointed at the forced writing and plotholes in 2064, I am bummed that the Vita version of VA-11 Hall-A that I was looking forward to is going to contain elements of that starkly inferior product. 2064’s visuals and music are a crutch that the writing and story bank on. While VA-11 Hall-A dives into how the world is flawed at every angle of the diamond, 2064 seeks to push obviously contradictory morals with a character friendship system that only gives you the option of conceding to your friends’ opinions or being pointlessly rude.

    I’m just kind of bummed it’s in a game I was (still am, totally going to get it) really looking forward to.

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