The Playism Podcast Returns

J-Play Episode Six – I Can Sprint Forever!


After a long hiatus, the next episode of the Playism podcast, J-Play, is now available!
If you were following along with the Bloodstained Kickstarter, you know that Nayan and Dan (along with Fangamer’s Ben Judd) provided a short series of fantastic audio updates through a podcast series called J-Play. In it, the guys all talk about the amazement of the Bloodstained project, as well as their own insights and experiences with the gaming world, their passions and even some great interviews with personalities involved with Bloodstained. When the Kickstarter ended, we realized that the podcast was still a great way to keep sharing ideas and news that might merit something more than a Tweet or a blogpost. Therefore, we’re very proud to announce the triumphant return of J-Play!
In this week’s (month’s?) episode, Dan and Nayan finally sit down and talk turkey about the amazement that was PAX Prime! Hear all the highlights and…other highlights (there isn’t a bad part of PAX, really) from the perspective of our two amigos. In addition, we talk a bit about Metal Gear Solid V because that’s the biggest damn thing around right now.
J-Play is currently being hosted on, along with all of our previous episodes. Feel free to listen to any of them right on the site, download for future enjoyment and subscribe so you know when our next ones are available. We have also submitted J-Play to iTunes, so, very soon, you should be able to find them right in the Podcasting directory if you prefer to use an iDevice.
We’re hoping to make J-Play a more regular thing in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for another episode after we get back from Tokyo Game Show next week. A lot of future episodes will be directed by both what is happening here in Japan, what the gaming world gives us, and, of course, what the fans would like to hear Give a listen, enjoy and let us know what you think!

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