The New Playism Website

The new Playism site has launched in beta!

We have been working on this version for the site for a long time now, and we are excited to finally be releasing it to you all.


Please Note:

When you first visit the Playism website, please make sure to reset your password. Due to security reasons, we could not transfer the password we had stored for you on our previous system. Resetting your password is easy and requires you to simply fill in your email address in this form. Then follow the link in your emails.

You can reset your password here.


What is new?

The new Playism site is a major improvement on our previous systems, allowing you to browse and enjoy indie games much smoother.


The first thing you may notice is that the Playism URL has changed! Both and has been merged into


My Page

We have upgraded and changed the user interface with the website, allowing you to explore and navigate your games, their updates and more with ease.

Some key changes are:

  • Library
    All your games will now be grouped together, and not separated into games and DLC. We have also added search and filtering functions, allowing you to search your library and organize it how you want it.
    We have also made it easier to download and get serial keys for games, allowing you to know what your purchases contain at a glance.
  • Wishlist
    We have changed the settings behind the wishlist. Now you can add games to your wishlist and be notified by email when they go on sale.
  • Updates
    Games now have the ability to show updates and news when they are updated. These game updates not only appear on the game’s store page, but also in your My Page area. Stay up to date with all your games, and don’t miss and update again.
  • Reviews
    The review section of our site has had a major update, allowing you to interact with the games you own in a more intimate way. You now how the option to add game reviews to share your opinion, or just rate a game out of 5 or both. All your owned games are listed in your My Page – Reviews section, helping you navigate what games you have reviewed, or haven’t, more easily.
  • Purchase History
    With the new Playism website, you will be able to access your Payment History from your My Page section at any time. This area will list all your purchases, including your payment method, status and more.
    This section will also allow you to edit or change payment types if your first attempt at paying fails. This allows you to immediately change your purchase without having to wait for the purchase attempt to time out.



With the new website, we have changed the way that currencies work. Rather than having the English site in dollars and the Japanese site in Yen, we have now tied the currency to the user and their location. This will make purchasing games much easier.  Currently we have three currencies, USD, JPY and EUR.
The addition of Euro allows all our European users to easily access the indie games we all love. When you first log in, your currency will automatically be set to your location. On the rare case that your currency has been set incorrectly, please contact us with proof of your location so that we may adjust your currency.


Increased Payment Methods

We have changed our payment provider with this new site launch, allowing our users the freedom to choose their payment method to their needs. Payments on the Playism site can now be handled through Stripe and PayPal, allowing us to accept more credit cards than before.


Better Site Navigation

We want you to be able to find the games you are interested in and to be able to browse the Playism site in comfort. For this, we have changed the site navigation and search systems. Playism games can now be easily filtered based on type, genre of Platform, or you can use the advance search to narrow down the games to the exact type of game you are looking for.

We have also changed our search system, allowing you to get a preview of the games related to your search before hitting enter.


A new bundling system

We now have a new bundling system, allowing products to be sold together with an overall discount. As the system is now different, we are also able to offer you a special discount on one product(s) in a bundle, if you already own the other product(s).


What has changed?

With all the new features, and improving the overall use and design of the site, we have had to say goodbye to a few features that used to be available on the Playism site.


No more Pay What You Want

With the new system and payment providers, we have had to remove the Pay What You Want system on the Playism website. Only a handful of games have been affected by this, and their prices have been changed as per the developer’s request.

If you previously bought a Pay What You Want game, you will still be able to access the game in your game library.


Gifting Option Removed

With the new back-end system, we have had to turn off the gifting system for now. Because of this, we are afraid to say that you won’t be able to gift your friends games at the moment.


Data transfer loss

Moving and implementing the new site sadly had a few difficulties. Certain areas of the site were unable to transfer, including your passwords (remember to reset them). Please note that your game library and purchase history is safe.

These are the key areas that were affected:

  • Game reviews
    All the previous game reviews were not possible to transfer. If you had written a review for a game in the past, we are sad to say that the review was not transferred into the new website.
  • Wishlist
    If you previously had games in your Playism wishlist, we are sad to say that they were not transferred.
  • Forums
    We have discontinued the use of Playism forums. If you had posted in these in the past, we are sorry to say that they are no longer available.
  • Friends and Messaging
    In the new Playism system, we are afraid to say that the friends and messaging system has been removed.


If there is anything you don’t understand in the new website, please do not hesitate to visit the Playism Help pages. If you are unable to find an answer there, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We hope that you enjoy the new Playism website!

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