The Music Of Overture Is Now Available!

After many requests and some good ol’ fashioned Steamwork, we’re proud to announce that the soundtrack for An Octave Higher is now available on Playism AND Steam! We know that everyone’s been loving the amazing soundtrack that permeates throughout Overture, and we’re pleased to bring not just one but TWO soundtracks for download!

An Octave Higher

The first is a 26 track, completely free download that covers a majority of the atmospheric melodies of the game. The soundtrack can be downloaded directly from Playism, free of charge, or added to your Steam music library for the equivocal cost of zero dollars. The second is a special, extended soundtrack that comprises of original pieces all composed by the Kidalang developers. This soundtrack is $2.99, but we’re launching it with a 10% discount, bringing it down to $2.69.

For brand new players, there is a bundle available, that makes grabbing the game and the music an absolute bargain: $13.50 for the complete An Octave Higher experience.

Enjoy the aural experience of An Octave Higher wherever you go!

An Octave Higher

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