The Music of Magic Potion Destroyer

The music in Magic Potion Destroyer plays a very key role in the story and progression of the game. The developer made sure that there was a different song for each stage in the game to convey certain elements. For each track in the game, he will be sharing his comments and thoughts on the tracks.

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STAGE 1~5 [Tower]

Title: “break up” Composer: “background”
For the first area in the game, I went with a dark yet vibrant track with the feel of starting up an engine.
Also, this was my personal favorite of the tracks I listened to while searching.
I guess I wanted everyone to hear the best track at the very beginning.


STAGE 6~10 [Forest]

Title: “rain” Produced by: soundeffect-lab
This is the “calm before the storm”. Though, this area is technically in the middle of a storm.
I also wanted to create a gap between escaping from the tower and entering the next area, to give the player a sense of progression.


STAGE 11~15 [Mansion 1]

Title: “confine” Composer: “background”
In short, we went for a horror-themed track. Something that makes you feel
“I’ve come somewhere I’m not supposed to…”
In fact, in the early stages of development this track was used for the background music of the tower, the first area of the game.
The effect is a bit strong for starting the game with this track at STAGE 1, isn’t it?


STAGE 16~20 [Mansion 2]

Title: “Celestial Cerulean” Composer: “KK”
At this point the player has stepped into the habitual realm of the Witch of the mansion, so I envisioned something weighty, drawing closer to the core.
“Whatever exists there, whatever I might see, I have no choice but to accept it and move forward.”


STAGE 21~25 [Mansion 3]

Title: “Man & Woman” Composer: “background”
The scene completely turns around to something sacred.
Or rather than sacred, maybe “sorrowful” is close to what I had in mind.
Those who have already pieced Claudia’s memories together will probably know what I mean.


STAGE 26~30 [Yard]

Title: “the first fall” Composer: “background”
This is the track I had in mind for the final area of the game.
Not only that, it has the same melody used for the final part of the previous game “Magic Potion Explorer”.
This should create a sense of finale for those familiar with the previous game.



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