The Most Adorable Organ Harvesting Begins!



The day has finally arrived! After a long couple weeks of teases and tantilizations, My Organic Garden has finally launched on Playism! Are you ready to experience and indulge in the mysteries of Irene’s Parlor? This garden is truly unlike any you’ve experienced before, and that is meant in the best way possible.


For those of you wondering about the game, it’s a beautiful mix of visual novel and garden simulation. Follow the story as Organa, Irene’s apprentice, and cultivate, harvest and sell the various “fruits” that appear within the garden. It should be noted that, despite the rapid rate of things blooming and fruiting within the game, there is zero time penalty. Don’t stress if you can’t pluck that kidney or heart ASAP: they won’t become overripe, no one will be angry and Irene will still love you.



I absolutely adore the artistic quality of the game, from the people to animals and even the details of the watering can. The game is a good exercise in an almost meditative process, and the rewards from providing a good crop and product for your customers are given in story advancement. There is both an ending and a “true ending,” but don’t worry: you won’t have to start over to achieve both. In the end, the true ending gives the most satisfaction, information and adoration for the entire experience.


Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden is available exclusively on Playism and, when the game is released on Steam in the future, all buyers will automatically receive a Steam key. Grab it today and get immersed into the wonderful world of organ harvesting!


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