The Fight Against The Filune Lands On PS4!




Astebreed is finally out on the Playstation Network! It’s been a long and winding road for the cinematic shooter, starting years ago with the original PC release. Fans have always been amazed by the triple threat that Edelweiss brought to the table: a gorgeous game, a solid bullet hell, and, most impressively, a completely indie development. Now Astebreed is in it’s global release for the Playstation 4, and the updated graphics and frame rate help to encapsulate and enhance everything that was already amazing.


I’ll do my best not to spoil the experience for you, but taking Astebreed to PS4 is definitely a completely new thrill, and, despite playing the game to death, I’m super psyched to finish my work day and hurry home to jump back into the cockpit and blow things to hell. I think we’ve got about forty trophies to achive and I want to get the PERFECT sequence captured to show my family and finally get them on board to get this game (and PS4s, incidentally).


Europe has been enjoying the game for the past few hours, and the rest of the world is rolling out as we speak! North America’s turn should be coming up shortly, hang in there everyone! Get on your machine and download Astebreed now! EDIT: North America is Live!


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