The Fight Against Evil Lands On Playism!

The World Is A Dangerous Place. 

We all know that, and if this is the first time you’ve heard this, I deeply apologize for being the bearer of bad news. At any given time, a shark trying to take a selfie could fall off a balancing rock and land on you, followed by the rock, followed by some kind of meteor. I’m not a scientist, but that seems to be the order in which things happen. Thankfully, to distract us from the never ending terror of daily life, brave game developers create worlds that are infinitely more horrifying to remind us of my mother’s crucial mantra: “Hey, it could be worse.”
We, thankfully, do NOT have to deal with a daily onslaught of zombies, werewolves, giant spiders and other monsters of Victorian nightmares, but not everyone is so lucky. For demon hunter Victor Vran, every moment is another chance to get eaten, smashed, frozen, electrocuted, or just melted into a puddle. Fortunately (if such a thing can be said for him), he’s got an amazing arsenal of weapons at hand, as well as a pretty wide variety of arcane spells to dispatch all the things that go bump in the night. The good folk of Zagoravia aren’t certain why their gloomy little city has been overrun by denizens of the dark, but Victor is here to hack and slash his way to the heart of the problem. Also, he’s got a voice going inside his head. That’s probably something important later on, but let’s not spoil things just yet.
Playism is proud to announce that Victor Vran, the action roleplaying game from Haemimont Games, has been translated and is now available in Japanese! Are you more of a melee fan, or will you pick off the beasts and devils from afar? Level your hunter, design your skill set and prepare to shoot, slash and smash the baddies back to Hell. Best of all, there is a cooperative multiplayer mode! You and a friend can work together to bring back peace to Zagoravia, and, rest assured, there are bosses and dungeons where you’ll wish you had a friend or three to assist.

victor vran

Victor Vran is available October 30th on both the Japanese and English sides of Playism! A purchase here means you’ll get a Steam key to do with as you please. When you activate the Steam version, be sure to grab some of the free DLC the devs have already made available. Then good luck building your character and fighting through the hordes: it can get a little crazy out there.

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