The D4 Picture Show

D4 has now had the weekend to settle in and the response has been absolutely amazing. From all over the world, players are coming together and celebrating the madness that is Dark Dreams Don’t Die. This eclectic and engrossing tale is finally in the hands of players outside of the XBox One, and I think we can all agree it’s exactly where it belongs.


Rather than take you down the list of soundbytes and blog snippets from critics and enthusiasts, we grabbed some of our favorite screen shots (so far) that the community has thrown up on Steam. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then strap in: we’re about to do Ulysses.
I have no idea why David is so shocked at this revelation. Does he think the tequila fairy just leaves a fresh bottle in his house every morning? Oh man, he probably does. Also, the sentence should not be taken literally: the world is dirt, minerals, upper crust, lower mantle, nougat center, Hell, tiny mouse on a wheel, in that order. “World is money” is just a good summation of the social climate. D4: progressive!
We have no idea how so many of you were able to get this amazing screenshot of Amanda doing her best Smooth Criminal dance. Resident document guru and all-around gatekeeper cheru tried several times to no avail. It eventually ended in fire and tears and we have to order a new computer. But seriously, if this doesn’t encapsulate the amazing madness that is D4, I don’t know what is.
I take back what I said in the last paragraph.
Since D4 is still at season one, you might find yourself wrapping up the game faster than you would, say, playing through every quest and side-quest in Dragon Age. How do you make the replay worthwhile? Why costumes, of course! There are already a plethora of costumes available for many, many cast members, and avant-garde questionable mustache David is just combination in which things go horribly wrong, but in the best way.
Sadly, we know there are still a couple bugs that need to be stamped out in D4 as soon as possible. Some of you have crashing issues, others have black screens. A select few of you have been given superpowers and x-ray vision, but still citing it as a  “bug.” I won’t chastise you for looking a radioactive horse in the mouth, but alright, we’ll pass on the word and make sure this is fixed soon. You know, many people would welcome the opportunity to view the world through someone else’s eyes.
If you have any fun, artistic, zany or just interesting screenshots, make sure to tweet them out at us so we can all enjoy! Not everyone’s D4 experience is the same, so share it with everyone!

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