The Crooked Man Out Now! and 2D Pixel Sales!

We are excited to announce the release of The Crooked Man by Uri Games on Playism and Steam!
We hope you enjoy all sorts of new fears as you join David as he moves into a new house.

What is The Crooked Man? Check out our post on it here! 


In addition, we would like to introduce the impressions of this game from other Wolf Editor game developers!

Sen, the developer of Mad Father and Misao: Definitive Edition.

I have played Uri-san’s works going back as far as Paranoiac. The event scripting and narrative framework in each and every title has been exemplary. The atmosphere, so peculiar to this series, immerses you in these worlds the same way a good movie does.
All games in the Strange Man series are fully-fleshed out horror experiences in their own right, but fans of suspense and mystery will find much to like here, too.
The game’s difficulty level has been tuned to provide a satisfying challenge without undermining its intended experience in frustration.

Miwashiba, the developer of LiEatAlicemare and 1bitHeart.

The Strange Man series offers up gripping horror vignettes of the highest caliber — among a gauntlet of other emotions, besides.
Horror games make me squeamish—I had to play this game from behind a pillow—but I was captivated into pushing through by the intriguing story and characters. I found myself caught in an endless cycle of wanting to move on, and being too afraid to do so.
I want for everyone to uncover what lies within for themselves; if you are in any way inclined, I urge you to play the series front to finish. Give the Strange Man series a chance to get its hook into you.


To celebrate the launch of this title, we have set some fantastic 2D pixel games from Playism on sale! So please enjoy them all together.

The Crooked Man1bitHeartAlicemareHelen's Mysterious CastleMad FatherMEMENTOMisao: Definitive EditionYukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale

This work is the first work of “The Strange Man” series developed by Uri Games. We will release the following titles sequentially.



Check out The Crooked Man now on
The Crooked Man
Playism / Steam

Also, check out The Strange Man series:

The Sand Man The Boogie Man The Hanged Man
The Sand Man (Playism/Steam) / The Boogie Man (Playism/Steam) / The Hanged Man (Playism/Steam)



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