The Cast Of Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden

You might only think that Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden rotates around only two characters; Irene, the shop owner, and Organa, her loyal apprentice (you). But the ever-expanding cast of customers each have their own story that will slowly evolve as they frequent Irene’s shop. Of course, not every customer is exactly as they seem, but that’s a tale you must unravel as you go along. Here’s a quick look at the curious rogue’s gallery of My Organic Garden.
Irene: The shop owner. Irene has learned the secret of growing and cultivating organs from her mother, and she runs the shop as a service to everyone in town. Organs can be used on humans and non-humans alike, though the results are drastically different, especially if the organs aren’t “prepared” properly.
Organa (no picture included): Irene’s intrepid assistant. Though she may occasionally seem spacey and ditsy, she loves her job and Irene with all her heart. We get to see her learn the trade, help people and explore the intriguing world that Irene contains within her shop. Organa is also fond of mischief and curiosity sometimes gets the better of her.
Boy With Doll: A rich but lonely chap, he wants nothing more than to have a companion to talk to and spend time with. He’s heard that Organa’s organs may hold the key to bringing his doll to life. Irene has warned him, however, that what happens may not be what he expects.
Girl With Cat: This little girl just wants her cat to talk in order to better understand her pet. She believes that the right organs will upgrade her cat to communicative levels, though Irene is a bit wary on how this will unfold.
The Silent Farmer: A man of very few words, he’s combating the constant change in environment that may actually be related to Irene’s shop.
The Hooded Lad: Tired of always feeling ill and slow, this boy has heard that properly prepared organs can afford him new skills and powers. How far is he willing to go to compete with his friends?
The Strange Witch: Impressed by Irene’s own successes, the witch wants to create something new and amazing to help the world…and also get rich. She knows she needs Irene’s products, but to what end, we’re not certain.
The Stoat: A random wild animal who Irene can talk to. The Stoat is hungry, in more ways than one, and Irene is more than happy to accept his patronage even if he doesn’t have a cent.
The Curious Man: Intrigued by the parlor, this visitor is buying up organs at the recommendation of Irene, and in varying quantities. But he seems very distracted whenever he visits the shop…
The Masked Stranger: A peculiar businessman, he says he wants to try to incorporate Irene’s organs into a brand new type of technology. Mixing magic, flesh and science…is it such a good idea?
Hamomoru: Irene’s dear friend who works in a very different line of work. She likes to meet with Irene from time to time and catch up. Hamomoru knows Irene has a greenhouse, but hasn’t visited her parlor just yet. You may recognize Hamomoru from another game.
The Woman in Black: A customer(?) who always seems to show up when Irene is out of the shop. She makes Organa nervous. The Woman in Black is searching for some kind of special order, but won’t elaborate on what. Maybe we should be careful?
Though you have an idea of who you might see, there’s no telling where their stories are headed or even if you’ll see everyone! Good luck on your own organ harvest, and continue enjoying Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden.

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