The Big Winner From Bitsummit

At the end of BitSummit this past weekend, various awards were handed out to some of the featured games. Gorgeous, creative and unique titles were aplenty in Kyoto, and finding the top of the heap was certainly a challenge. There was one ultimate rank: The Vermilion Award, BitSummit’s own best in show. With so many heavy hitters in attendance – D4, Mighty No. 9 and Broforce, to name a few – it was quite the fight to the finish. But, in the end, one title stood out among the rest:



It’s been a long and strange journey for the crew at NIGORO and even here at Playism. As you know, we helped bring the updated WiiWare verion of the original La-Mulana to PC for all to enjoy. From there, we embarked on our first Kickstarter campaign to bring La-Mulana 2 to life and to all the fans. The outcome was successful, and we’ve been assisting NIGORO in making sure updates are frequent, communication is constant and the final product is everything you hoped for and more. As it stands, we’re only a few months away from La-Mulana 2 being ready for prime time, so it’s absolutely fantastic that the judges of BitSummit recognized the polish and beauty that was being created before our eyes.


If you’re curious to see what gained such a positive response, head over to our La-Mulana 2 page! There’s a free demo for download that’ll give you a taste of all the awesome adventures ahead. You can also still back the project, essentially buying it ahead of time with a variety of cool perks, from physical copies to getting your very own skeleton for Lumisa to discover! We’re incredibly proud of NIGORO’s success and can’t wait to see what’s coming next!


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