The Beginning Of Something Dark

Usually, people get a little upset when you spoil a surprise. Video games, however, are a different beast. Knowing that the game is coming, being let in on the secret of what’s to come; THAT is a real treat for the audience at large.
Playism has begun working together with a Japanese developer to bring a new game to the West, and we’re incredibly excited about it. Thanks to our new collaboration with Yamiuchi Project, we can now announce that we’re working on the global release of a brand new game: Dungeons and Darkness.
Dungeons and Darkness is an amazing love letter to classic dungeon crawlers, but with a modern interpretation of the first person combat. As you might well have guessed, you are a swarthy, intrepid adventurer, and you are doing the local village a massive favor by plumbing the depths of their dungeon and wiping out the growing mass of monsters and evil that have taken up residency within. As you complete quests and descend deeper, you discover more powerful weapons, intense magic and, naturally, bigger and badder creatures.
Instead of the turn-based effect of old, Dungeons and Darkness is real time, first person combat against orcs, trolls, skeletons and other Gygaxian beasts. With over 30 types of weapons, a variety of spells and some truly elegant shields, the personalization of Dungeons and Darkness goes well beyond “sword and boots.” You’ll get absolutely ensnared in the frenzy to evolve and customize your hero to become the absolute best dragon slayer possible. Oh, did we not mention there would be dragons? Because there will be dragons.
Dungeons and Darkness will be coming to Japan soon, but a Western release date isn’t far off! Keep an eye on our blog, our Facebook and especially our Twitter account as we release more screenshots, videos and information regarding this immense gaming experience.

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