The Amazing LiEat Is Coming To Playism!

Once upon a time, in a world where dragons are born from the wishes of humans…

LiEat – Coming Soon!


LiEat is a fascinating trilogy of JRPGs that were made in WolfEditor and captured the minds of thousands. It tells the story about a dragon, Efina, who travels the countryside with her multi-named caretaker/reluctant guardian. Appearing as a young girl, Efina has a unique, magical gift: when someone lies near her, the lie will manifest itself as a living monster. Efina then can consume the lie for strength and sustenance: she can eat food for fun, but only lies make her feel full. As she explores the world, she meets other dragons with interesting powers, discovers bizarre and terrifying mysteries, and finds out about her own history as well as her guardian’s.

For the first time ever, LiEat is coming to an official storefront, and we’re bringing it out both guns blazing! We know this story is too good to break up, so all three games will be available in the same package AND the same Steam ID. That’s right, LiEat is coming to Steam! We’ve partnered with the original fan translator, VGPerson, to give the game an extra polish and make sure everything is perfect. On top of that, we’ve added thirty Steam achievements, trading cards, wallpapers and emoticons. The adorable nature of the game and its characters will absolutely get you fully invested in these Steam goodies, you can trust me on that.

We are putting the finishing touches on the packages right now, but, rest assured, LiEat is ready and coming VERY SOON to Steam! With one awesome launcher to keep all three chapters in one group, this is the definitive way to enjoy LiEat,

Keep your eyes and ears open; there might be lies abound, but this is the best kind of truth! Check the Steam page and add it to your wishlist!

LiEat – Coming Soon!

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