2/22-3/7 Switch Spring Sales!

Spring is coming, and for the next 2 weeks, you can grab some great Playism titles on the Nintendo Switch on Sale!



Check out the Switch Spring Sales now:


TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- 50% off

Roll, extend, and jump to your goal! A curiously unique action puzzle game!

TorqueL is a curiously unique 2D rotation action game, in which you proceed by rotating or extending a box with characters inside.  Sometimes simply rotating or extending the box is not enough, and you have to find the right combination of rotating and extending to jump or climb over obstacles.

Play TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- Now!
Nintendo eShop (North America) / Nintendo eShop (Europe)



Kero Blaster 30% off

A frog has the adventure of a lifetime in this lovely stage-based action game.

You play a bipedal frog employed by the mysterious start-up company “Cat & Frog Inc.”. Fend off enemies seeking to stop you and overcome the challenging landscape as you head toward your destination.

Play Kero Blaster Now!
Nintendo eShop (North America) / Nintendo eShop (Europe)



Vertical Strike Endless Challenge 30% off

Wipe out the endless waves of enemies!

A flight-based action game designed to be easy to pick up and enjoy right away, and playable over short timeframes.

Play Vertical Strike Endless Challenge Now!
Nintendo eShop (North America) / Nintendo eShop (Europe)



Angels of Death 30% off

This dark promise deepens the peculiar bond between two reluctant partners.

“Please… kill me.”
“Help me get outta here, and I’ll kill you.”

Rachel finds herself in the basement of a strange building filled with serial killers. With the help of an unlikely partner, progress up through floors filled with traps, challenges and more as freedom seems just beyond reach.

Play Angels of Death Now!
Nintendo eShop (North America) / Nintendo eShop (Europe)



Astebreed 20% off

Blaze through the battlefield in style in your “Crossbreed” – a mech suit built jointly of human and alien technology.

Climb into the cockpit of an otherworldly war machine and fly into battle against a horrifying alien race bent on eradicating humanity to preserve their own civilization.

Play Astebreed Now!
Nintendo eShop (North America) / Nintendo eShop (Europe)




Also, check out our latest Switch Title:




So long as you have a dream in your heart, there’s nowhere to run. But if you go through the doors and explore what’s beyond, you just might have a chance…

Play as a young girl as she explores the mysterious and unreal world of her dreams. Start off with no story or guide, as you experience the different worlds of her dreams, each one deeply shrouded in mystery.


Nintendo eShop (North America) / Nintendo eShop (Europe)


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