Swery’s Incredibly Colorful Live Show At Toyko Indie Fest


It’s no small surprise that the brilliant and questionably-sane developer Swery is quite outspoken in most of his public life. If you’re following him on Twitter (and if not, why?) you’ll know that he frequently fills the stream with plenty of fan response, helpful promotion (for both himself and other developers) and the consistently inaccurate use of the hashtag #ThanksObama. I’m pretty sure he knows what it means, and putting it on nearly everything else just makes the joke better.

A couple months back, Swery stopped by Tokyo Indie Fest to announce D4’s arrival on the PC and generally meet and greet with all the great devs that were coming out of Japan and the world in general.  He had a lot to say on the game, his monkey (named Sharapova, which he brings with him for power) and whatever popped into his head. Thankfully, cameras were rolling and, after a few heavy weeks of translation and subtitling, the video, in it’s entirety, has surfaced on YouTube!


A couple of things before embarking on this video adventure. One, there may be tiny D4 related spoilers, so keep that in mind if you’re hoping to play the game with fresh eyes. Two, it’s almost two hours long. You can definitely watch some of it later on, but it’s best enjoyed in a single sitting with a tall bottle of tequila. And three, it’s definitely not family friendly. There’s a lot of coarse language that may emotionally scar and/or scandalize you, so please, if you’re wearing a monocle that pops out easily OR a set of pearls specifically for clutching, consider watching a different video.
But for everyone else, strap in and enjoy, it’s some of the funniest stuff out there now!

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die – $14.99

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