Summer’s End


Dawn of the 14th day: 24 hours remain.
There are clouds on the horizon and a chill in the air. Well, no, not really: it’s sunny and unforgivably hot today. But, in any case, we are coming to the end of our summer sale, and summer, in general, is rolling to a close. It’s sad, true, but that shouldn’t be a reason to shed a tear and curl up with a copy of The Notebook. There are so many great things on the horizon!
For one, as many of you know, we’ll be headed off to PAX Prime in just another day or so. In fact, we’ll probably be on a plane by the time you read this. If you look up over the skies of Japan or even of the West coast of the US, look for a glimmer against the clouds; that’s Playism, smiling down at you. It’s also the guys of NIGORO and Access Games, ready to come rock the Indie Megabooth and generally bring the heat from the East to America. Exciting!
Additionally, September signifies the countdown to the Tokyo Game Show, which is running from September 17-20th this year, and looks to be absolutely incredible. Playism will also be there, and we’ll be bringing plenty of media to those of you who aren’t able to attend. More details are upcoming, but expect us to be a fantastic, live source of updates from the floor of Makuhari Messe!
Besides events, we’ve got some great games on the horizon. We’re hard at work to get Dungeons and Darkness to the English storefront, as well as Lost Technology. Not to mention the plethora from Comiket that still need to be decided upon, and who knows? Maybe a few other games from Europe and the Americas will be headed to our Japanese site soon as well. We’re ever expanding, with a bright look on the horizon.
So don’t unpack your winter coats yet, but maybe get ready to grab a light jacket and enjoy nights that aren’t sweltering. Get your bag packed for back to school, but leave enough room next to the books for your favorite handheld game. And don’t forget to check out our sales: you won’t see deals like this again till next summer!

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