Strange Telephone Coming Soon!

After it’s explosive popularity on mobile (iOS/Android), Strange Telephone is now heading to PC!

Strange Telephone is coming soon to Playism and Steam!


The PC version of this multi-ending 2D adventure game “Strange Telephone” is coming soon to Steam and Playism! Explore strange worlds generated by merely entering 6 digits entered into a phone.

The protagonist Jill is trapped in a dark world with a large door floating before her. She is aided by Graham, who takes on the form of a telephone. Making phone calls with Graham creates various worlds that can be explored. In each of these worlds are items to be found, including the key that will lead to her escape.

This fun exploration escape game has you creatively combining objects together, searching for clues and meeting a variety of strange creatures that inhabit the peculiar worlds you visit.


The Steam store page has already gone live for Strange Telephone, add it to your wishlist now!

Strange Telephone on Steam


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