Steel Sword Story Releases June 21st

After having played through the demo multiple times, and showing off the game all around the world and various games shows, we are super excited to announce that Steel Sword Story will be releasing on Steam on June 21st! Steel Sword Story was developed on Pixel Game Maker MV and made especially for all the old school, classic 2D action game fans out there. From 8bits Fanatics, creators of the fatally difficult action title boasting a metascore of 80, 1001 Spikes, comes a true 2D dark fantasy-action game full of swords and magic.


About Steel Sword Story

With the betrayal of the traitor Rufus, the kingdom is on the verge of destruction.
Enter a former Imperial Knight – a man upon whose shoulders the future of the kingdom was once placed, and who was later banished from the kingdom over false accusations.
Having lost everything – his status, his honor, and the woman he loves – the swordsman Azul faces off against the threat encroaching upon the kingdom with nothing but his rusty, old steel sword…



This title features impeccable stage design and gameplay balanced just perfectly enough to make it fully enjoyable for both action game beginners and seasoned veterans alike. Slash your way through a varied cast of enemies while adjusting your jumps and making full use of the swords and magic at your disposal.


Taking full advantage of all the amazing features of Pixel Game Maker MV, Steel Sword Story is filled with classic RPG elements such as taking down monsters, collecting gems, and acquiring character-enhancing items.


The pixel graphics have also been painstakingly crafted, and there is an impressive roster of widely varied monsters and attacks for such a compact game. Featuring both main character and monster sprite animations of the highest quality, as well as awesome adventure-style music, Steel Sword Story is sure to satisfy even the most discerning players.
The story is a classical RPG-type tale, making for an engaging and cathartic story that stays with you long after you’ve cleared the game.


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