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Sporting 12 factions, over 100 beautifully illustrated character units along with a deep, fleshed out story, RTS game Lost Technology has had an update adding the following:

■Patch Notes

  • Skills added for Demokrishia. “Dark Sphere”, “The Queen’s Whip” and “Demon Lord’s Spirit”.
  • Skill added for Bandicoot. “Demon Apocalypse”.
  • Skill added for Lithua. “Hit and Run”.
  • Skill added for Aleotti. “A Capella”.
  • Skill added for Clifford. “Dive Bomb”.
  • Added seals depicting place names to the world map.
  • Unique class for Neutral and Erie has been changed to “Tribe”
  • Fixed the gunpowder smoke effect of the Musket skill.

Fixed several performance issues.

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To help support the English localization of Lost Technology we have created the Supporter’s Edition Bundle, which includs the Donation Soundtrack.


If you enjoy the game you can do your part to support the English localization so others can experience it too.

Details on localization below: https://steamcommunity.com/games/420520/announcements/detail/1606021911893189384

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