Get new & popular titles at a discount now during the Steam Halloween Sale!

Hello everyone,

It’s time once again for this year’s Steam Halloween Sale. Score PLAYISM titles for up to 80% off!
Check out the list below for all the titles currently on sale!
Sale Title List

Mad Father, set to be updated on 11/5, is currently available at 50% off! Buy it now to be able to play the newly remade version on 11/5!

The amazing Fight Crab + DEEEER Simulator collaboration update is finally complete!

You can now play as the “Average Everyday Deer” in Fight Crab!
Both Fight Crab and DEEEER Simulator are also available at a discount during the sale! Pick them up today!

Just released on 10/29, The Case Book of Arne – the full-on mystery-adventure title from Game Magazine – is currently on launch sale!
The vampire and beautiful young girl full of secrets take on yet another strange case…

Happy Halloween!


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