Steam Weekly Sales – Up to 80% off!

We have up to 80% off some amazing games this week on Steam! Head on over to our Sale List on Steam or check below for an extensive list on our great indie games that are on Sale now!

On top of hosting a large range of sales, we are also celebrating the release of Strange Telephone! Check out our last entry introducing the game or grab it on Playism or Steam now for 10% off! If you are a fan of Yume Nikki, you will love Strange Telephone.

Check out Strange Telephone now on
Playism / Steam


1bitHeartA Healer Only Lives TwiceAce of SeafoodAlicemareArk NoirArtifact AdventureArtifact Adventure GaidenAwareness RoomsBreak Arts2CINERIS SOMNIAD4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Season OneDungeons & DarknessForget Me Not: My Organic GardenGarden TaleGOCCO OF WARHacker's BeatHakoniwa Explorer PlusIn Space We BrawlKero BlasterLa-MulanaLa-Mulana 2LiEatLost TechnologyMagic Potion DestroyerMagic Potion ExplorerMagical Battle FestaMeadowlandMEMENTOMisao: Definitive EditionMitsurugi Kamui HikaeMurasakiNEO AQUARIUM - The King of Crustaceans -NightCryOne Way HeroicsPRINCIPIA: Master of ScienceREVOLVER360 RE:ACTORRosenkreuzstiletteRosenkreuzstilette FreudenstachelStar SkyStar Sky 2Star Sky 3The Boogie ManThe Crooked ManThe Hanged ManThe Sand ManUnholy HeightsVertical Strike Endless ChallengeWITCH-BOT MEGLILOYukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy TaleYUMENIKKI - DREAM DIARY -Zombie Serial Killer Incident


See the sale list on Steam

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