Starr Mazer x Playism – Bringing Dreams To Reality

Last week brought a super exciting announcement from Playism and Imagos Softworks. After keeping it under wraps for so long, we are very proud to announce that Playism will be publishing Starr Mazer: DSP, Starr Mazer, and Mazer Maker!

We made an important announcement on Starr Mazer TV – home to all the news and leaks from Imagos Softworks, and enjoyed giving away some great stuff, chatting on air, and reliving the story of how the collaboration between Imagos Softworks and Playism came to be.

Make sure you check out the full broadcast on Twitch!


What Is Starr Mazer?

A retro-sexy Point-and-Click Adventure Shoot ’em Up in SPACE!

Starr Mazer does not disappoint. You are Brick M. Stonewood, a man of another time, woken from sleep-lock. His past holds mysteries and his future is ignited by his determined spirit.

Starr Mazer combines elements of point-and-click gameplay with shmup dynamics and brings you a story that is never quite the same on your second (or third…, or fourth…) playthrough. Each episode in this star-filled adventure can lead you down a different rabbit hole as you explore the mysteries of space and the secrets beyond the DIVIDE.


How Did This All Happen?

After Dan from Playism saw Starr Mazer on Kickstarter, he was rather excited for a game of this style coming. However, at that time, Adult Swim Games already had very close ties with Starr Mazer. Soon after though, Imagos Softworks and Adult Swim Games mutually decided that Starr Mazer wouldn’t be joining the Adult Swim Games family without the connected elements, Starr Mazer: DSP and Mazer Maker. It was at this time that Dom Thacker from Imagos Softwork’s ran into Dan.

After some long discussions and meetings, Star Mazer, and all the connected titles were brought together under Playism’s welcoming umbrella.

During the Twitch stream last week, Imagos Softwork also had a range of other announcements to make.


Starr Mazer Is Coming To A Variety Of Platforms

During the stream, Dom announced that Starr Mazer is planned for PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Mobile devices, Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. Starr Mazer is going places and we want you all to enjoy it on the platform you love most!


Starr Mazer: DSP

Starr Mazer: DSP, the shoot-em-up prequel, is set to come to Steam Early Access very, very soon! So sit tight and keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!


More Information

Be sure to read up on Starr Mazer on Kickstarter for more details, and check out the Starr Mazer website.

Don’t forget to follow Starr Mazer TV for regular updates! Additionally, head over to Imagos Softworks’ YouTube channel for great videos!

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