Starr Mazer: DSP Contest – SK:ORE Attack


Calling All Pilots!

Exciting news for all you side scrolling shooter fans!
Starr Mazer: DSP is running a SK:ORE Attack Early Access Contest from 9/30 to 10/14.

Compete against your friends and the world for the highest SK:ORE in a special beefed up G’ell invasion level!

Play Starr Mazer: DSP on Steam and type in the code “topdog” at the title screen to start the attack! High SK:OREs are entered into a special Steam leaderboard automatically. The top SK:ORE Steam user on October 14th at 5pm PDT will win the Grand Prize!

What are you waiting for? Get me-out there and make the Thearsa fleet proud!


Grand Prize

Add a custom First name, Middle name and Last name to the name pool for DSP pilots!*

Official Starr Mazer T-Shirt from Fangamer

*See rules for restrictions


How To Enter

  • Open Starr Mazer: DSP on Steam
  • At the title screen type in the code: topdog
  • Enlist your squad and battle the G’ell. Unused SK:ORE will be added to your total end SK:ORE.
  • High SK:OREs are registered on the Steam Leaderboard automatically when you finish either by completing the level or losing all of your pilots
  • Feel free to try multiple times for the highest SK:ORE

High SK:OREs must be be submitted before October 14th at 5pm PDT to be eligible to win.


Steam SK:ORE Attack Leaderboard


Official Rules

  1. You must be 13 years or older to participate
  2. High SK:ORE must be on the Steam Leaderboard by 5pm PDT, October 14th 2016. All SK:OREs submitted after the deadline are not eligible to win
  3. One Grand Prize Winner will be notified via Steam Direct Messaging from the Steam account starrmazer and will have 7 days to respond
  4. If the winner fails to respond, the prize will be awarded to the next highest scoring eligible player
  5. Winner must provide a shippable address for the T-shirt prize
  6. Custom name prize may not contain profane or copyrighted material
  7. Imagos Softworks, Pixeljam and Playism reserve the right to refuse any name(s) for the custom name prize
  8. Custom names will be entered into the pool of available DSP pilot names and may appear separately in other name combinations



Can’t start the special SK:ORE Attack mode

Make sure you are running the latest non-beta version of Starr Mazer: DSP (.3.8.2). Instructions on how to change versions here,

My SK:ORE isn’t showing up on the leaderboards

Refresh the leaderboards page. Ensure you are playing the latest non-beta build of Starr Mazer: DSP through Steam while logged in and online.


See the Starr Mazer website for more details
Check out Starr Mazer on Twitch
Starr Mazer: DSP on Playism
Starr Mazer: DSP on Steam

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