Starr Mazer: DSP – Coming Soon To Early Access!

At long last, Starr Mazer: DSP is coming to EARLY ACCESS. We are aware that some fans have been waiting for this for a long time, and we are happy to bring it to you all finally.

Starr Mazer: DSP is a side-scrolling shoot’em up in the same vein as classics like Gradius and Lords of Thunder with a roguelike twist on the traditional lives/continues system. Players take control of a squadron of DSP pilots with different ships, weapon loadouts and voices. Your mission is to battle through nine frantic arcade levels, countless waves of enemies, 3 powerful bosses, and take down the G’ell Super Ship in a single run.

Be sure to check out the store page for details.

Since we are bringing DSP to EARLY ACCESS, we will be offering Steam Keys only. When the game is ready to come out of EARLY ACCESS we will be adding the DRM-free version to Playism!

Starr Mazer: DSP Launches On Early Access August 26th, 2016!

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