Star Sky out now on the Switch!

Stroll through the moonlit midnight and explore the night sky, a new encounter awaits you every time.

Star Sky is a story about a walk in the middle of the night. The only way to play is to walk and stop as your heart desires.
In certain areas, you can hear the gentle sounds of the night, if you stop for a while to listen you may witness some strange events.

This isn’t a game meant to be played intensely for hours, but rather a relaxing experience that can be explored gently at your own pace.
Walk as much as you like beneath the stars, search for scattered events or simply stay still and listen to the gentle sounds of the night.

Explore Star Sky now without the stress of time or goals consuming you, out now on the Nintendo eShop.


Introducing the Mysterious Events

Among the Clouds


A Magical Forest


A Constellation of Stars


Developer’s Comment

“Creation of an experience, keeping it simple, straightforward and with a lingering atmosphere.”

The point was always to create an interesting experience while staying with the bare minimums of what makes a game. I only wanted a single mechanic, in this case walking forward or not, and the point was always to simply keep it that way, and build the game around it.

I am very pleased with the end-result, and I enjoy the fact that the simplicity of the game means that the game itself in no way detracts from the experience. I can only hope that the players will understand it as well.



Star Sky Available now in the Nintendo Switch eShop!
NA eShop / EU eShop

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