Sony Is The Current E3 Champion

What an incredible day for E3! The new Mass Effect, a sequel for Mirror’s Edge, and XBox One finally getting some backwards compatibility! But, hands down, the show that Sony put on brought in the noise and the funk. Besides the fact that Astebreed made the opening video (I nearly jumped out of my chair), there was something for virtually everyone. Let’s do a quick roundup and see what the Playism crew thought.


Jon: I can’t wait to cry my eyes out to Final Fantasy 7 in HD!
Meghan: The big universe thingy…(No Man’s Sky)
Nayan: The Last Guardian, such a great beginning
Mike: No Man’s Sky, no question.
Bryan: Horizon, if only to hunt robo-deer.


It’s been a crazy couple days, and we still have one more, with Nintendo, Square Enix and the oddly titled “PC Gaming” presentation on the horizon. Let’s keep the hype going and make 2015 the best year of gaming ever. Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what made your eyes bug out!


Oh, and, uh, Shenmue 3? Is this real life??

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