Sneak Peak: Maison de Maou

With PAX and GDC behind us, it’s all hands on deck as we get back to working on the titles that we’re dying to bring to you. While we’re all moving from project to project as we’re needed, one particular project has wormed its way into our hearts, and that is Maison de Maou (メゾン・ド・魔王).

Unholy Heights


Developed by indie developer Petit Depotto, Maison de Maou (which literally translates to “The House of the Demon King”) was originally released on Xbox Live Indie Games in Japan, but was rejected by Microsoft for release on XBLIG in the West. Petit Depotto approached us, hoping to release the game on PC, and then eventually localize it for a western PC release. After spending some time with the game, I think it’s safe to say that we made the right decision working with this very talented developer.

Maison de Maou is a quirky tale. Spending the last of his evil savings, the plucky and determined Demon King purchases some rundown housing, hoping to live out the rest of his days as a slum lord. Soon, with the player’s help, our liege recruits some monsters to live in the building, but this in turn draws the attention of villagers, religious zealots, and heroes bent on making a name for themselves.

Unholy Heights


Maison de Maou’s gameplay can be described as a mix between apartment management sim, and tower defense. Monsters move into individual apartments, and players can use money to improve appliances and and general aesthetics. Tenants will then get jobs, and request new appliances or furniture to assist them with their hobbies or jobs.

Soon after taking on your first four tenants, players are asked to undertake quests: wave-based tower defense scenarios that can be taken on at the player’s leisure. When enemies begin to approach the complex, players can knock on apartment doors to call upon tenants to defend the apartment building from intruders. Each monster provides defense in different ways, from long distance magic to close combat melee.

As you delve a little deeper into the game, the apartment sim elements start to pop out more. Each individual resident has their own preferences, loves, hates, and dreams, and their lives will change and improve depending on how you furnish their abodes. Even weather and times of day can affect the happiness of some residents, as some will prefer daylight, while others will prefer inclement weather, or shade.

Unholy Heights


While Maison de Maou is still in the works for the English side of Playism, the game is already available to purchase on the Playism JP store for ¥360. We’re working hard to make sure that when the game hits the English store, it will be in tip top shape. The process takes time, but we’re hoping that when the final product shows up on your PC, you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.

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