Sneak Peek: Demon King Chronicle

** Demon King Chronicle has already been released **

We have a wealth of titles that we can’t wait to show all of you and unleash on the world, but we want to make sure each one gets the attention it deserves.

Some time ago, we posted on both Twitter and Facebook about a title called “Demon King Chronicle”, and showed off some character art, but today we hope to shed a little more light on the game.

Originally named Maou Monogatari Monogatari (魔王物語物語), which translates to “The Story of the Demon King Story”, tells the story of four people, each with their own troubled pasts, forever changed by their encounter with a work of fiction called “The Demon King Chronicle”, a short, unfinished book that tells of heroic deeds.

Players take up the role of Camil, a young woman who has recently come to a village called “The Nest”. Traveling around the vibrant and dangerous world around her, she begins to understand the past of each of the residents within the village, and how the Demon King Chronicle has changed their lives, and brought them to The Nest.

As Camil, players will travel around the island, fighting creatures in turn-based combat, and assist each of the residents in finding an ending to their personal stories. Battles also take location into account, as grouping enemies together before taking them on can be beneficial, allowing Camil and her cohorts to attack multiple enemies in a single strike.

As characters take damage, their ability to attack will actually increase, as each ability learned by a character requires that they be below a specific health threshold. The harder the battle becomes, the more options unfold for the player.

The Demon King Chronicle blurs the line between the truth and fiction, and shows that a mere story can change the very reality around us, and how we face our futures. Only Camil can find an ending to the unfinished Demon King Chronicle.

The Demon King Chronicle is coming to Playism EN very soon, and we can’t wait for all of you to get your hands on it.

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