September Releases

September has come to an end, and the spooky month of October has begun.

September brought 4 new, exciting games to Playism and Steam this year, so be sure to check out all the new releases below!


Principia: Master Of Science

Based in 17th Century Europe, Principia: Master of Science is a simulation game based around science. Choose from 12 real scientists from the era of Sir Isaac Newton and proceed with your research to make discoveries that will have people talking about you for years to come. There are six research topics: “Astronomy”, “Physics”, “Thermodynamics”, “Biology”, “Optics”, “Mathematics”. Explore, research and discover, then submit your findings to the Royal Society of Sciences in order to reach an outcome before any of your rivals.

From a time when the word “Science” didn’t exist, can you become the Master of Science?


  • 12 scientists to choose from
  • A range of things to discover
  • 6 areas of research
  • Songs performed by a real string quartet
  • Follows history rather closely


Available on Playism for $9.99


To Ash

A unique RPG where instead of becoming stronger, you get weaker as you go along. Demitri is a hero who already completed his journey. He is already powerful, so combat is complex and strategic from the start! But no one can live forever, and everyone’s story must come to an end.


  • No grinding levels, because the hero becomes weaker
  • Complex, strategic battles from the start and no long tutorials
  • Turn-based battles with the “Stance” mechanic, allowing you to strengthen the character in various ways and respond to enemy attacks.
  • Strong themes of acceptance and mortality with an impactful ending, even the towns are modelled after the 5 stages of grief
  • 2 versions, one for RPG veterans and one for those who just want to experience the story
  • 6-10 hours to complete the game in the full version
  • 2 endings depending on your choices
  • Original art by Neon Skies Studio


Available on Playism for $4.99


Mad Father

On the eve of the anniversary of her mother’s death, Aya reminisces about the past. With the desire to celebrate with her father, Aya asks her father who readily agrees before sending her to bed. But the hope is quickly shattered when her father’s scream shakes Aya from her sleep. Aya dashes out in hopes to find her father, only to find her house littered with corpses and other horrors. Will the dead engulf Aya? Will she escape with the manor’s assistant, Maria? Or will she save her father from the unknown horrors?

Updates and Improvements
Mad Father is a classic JRPG horror game which has finally been released on Playism and Steam. For this release, a number of things have been updated to the original free version:

  • Improved map tiles
  • Some of the art has been redrawn
  • Some of the unique elements have been changed.
  • Improved playability
    1. If you stand next to an event, a question mark bubble will appear above the character.
    2. Items will glitter to make them easier to spot.
  • New events
    1. Ines’ past revealed.
    2. New dialogue.
  • Some gems have been relocated.
  • ATE mini games have changed from rapid input to command input.
  • Some changes to the game’s music
    1. New music inside the mansion.
    2. Second floor basement music is changed.


Available on Playism for $4.99


Dungeons & Darkness

Stories speak of old dungeons in this world, ones that contain untold secrets and calamitous evil. Warriors have delved into these dungeons, seeking out their darkest secrets, each with their own goal in mind. Through this, a prosperous and stable town came to form, attracting people, goods and commerce. But the town now speaks of a warped and troubled world. They had already withstood many disasters and they long for peace to return to the world. It is with the same wish that you set foot into town.

Enter unforgiving dungeons where many adventurers have me their own demise.
A first-person exploration and action RPG game where you make your way through monster and trap infested dungeons. Uncover chests containing powerful items, and journey onwards to slay the great evil that is rumored to lurk deep in the shadows.
Based on classic dungeon RPGs, Dungeons & Darkness takes the genre to a new level. By including aspects like real time action, which was difficult to achieve with hardware from the previous generation, a new type of dungeon adventure awaits.


Available on Playism for $9.99

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